Acupuncture and labour

For many expectant mothers, the last few weeks of their pregnancy are often spent trying to induce labour.

While there is an endless number of home remedies and urban legends about how to hurry the process along, acupuncture can offer a simple solution to help bring on the birth of your baby.

A variety of studies suggest that regular acupuncture sessions leading up to your due date can help bring on labour earlier and eliminate the need to be medically induced or for further invasive hospital-based alternatives.

As well as this, acupuncture can also offer a variety of other benefits to assist women to have a more enjoyable pregnancy. By working to reduce stress and anxiety, acupuncture can help relax the muscles, which in turn can lead to a reduced labour time.

Furthermore, acupuncture can also be a valuable tool for naturally reducing pregnancy-related pain such as back, neck and pelvic pain.

To experience the full benefits the acupuncture can offer, it is recommended that women commence their acupuncture treatment at around the 36-week mark.

However, the benefits of acupuncture of endless, and many expectant mothers find acupuncture to be the perfect way to unwind and help restore balance through a time where many changes are occurring within their body.

Traditional Chinese Medicine tips for fertility

Traditional Chinese Medicine tips for fertility

The use of Traditional Chinese Medicine to increase a woman’s chances of conceiving is on the rise as more and more couples are seeking more natural methods to assist them to start a family.

When considering the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine to support your fertility goals, we recommend three proven tips help you along the way.

Check your hormones

If your hormones are out of balance, conception often becomes a very difficult process. Stress is usually the biggest culprit towards a woman’s off-balance hormones, potentially causing them to impede their chances of naturally conceiving.

Aside from cutting down your stress and promoting relaxation and wellbeing, be sure to implement a healthy diet and exercise to boost your natural balance.

Improve your emotional wellbeing

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, emotional wellbeing is strongly linked to both physical ailment and reproductive difficulties. The organ systems most closely associated with fertility are the lungs and the liver, believed to correlate with stress and frustration.

Such negative emotions link to what is known as Liver Qi stagnation, causing organ imbalance and significant stress on body functions. Liver Qi stagnation can be overcome by implementing holistic methods such as acupuncture, yoga, meditation or natural herbs.

Optimise blood flow to your reproductive organs

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that a demanding lifestyle will decrease your chances of conceiving naturally due to the stress placed on the body’s organs and blood flow.

Stress will cause your blood flow will lose its strength where it is needed most, your reproductive organs. In order to assist your blood flow to restructure its course and assist your fertility, try acupuncture as a method to naturally increase circulation.

Additionally, massage, yoga and meditation are fantastic ways to optimise your blood flow and minimise any added stress on your body.