Acupuncture and labour

For many expectant mothers, the last few weeks of their pregnancy are often spent trying to induce labour.

While there is an endless number of home remedies and urban legends about how to hurry the process along, acupuncture can offer a simple solution to help bring on the birth of your baby.

A variety of studies suggest that regular acupuncture sessions leading up to your due date can help bring on labour earlier and eliminate the need to be medically induced or for further invasive hospital-based alternatives.

As well as this, acupuncture can also offer a variety of other benefits to assist women to have a more enjoyable pregnancy. By working to reduce stress and anxiety, acupuncture can help relax the muscles, which in turn can lead to a reduced labour time.

Furthermore, acupuncture can also be a valuable tool for naturally reducing pregnancy-related pain such as back, neck and pelvic pain.

To experience the full benefits the acupuncture can offer, it is recommended that women commence their acupuncture treatment at around the 36-week mark.

However, the benefits of acupuncture of endless, and many expectant mothers find acupuncture to be the perfect way to unwind and help restore balance through a time where many changes are occurring within their body.

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Boost your immune system

Boost your immune system

With the colder weather well and truly here, now is an important time to take some extra measures to ensure you don’t fall ill throughout the winter. Follow these top Traditional Chinese Medicine tips to keep your immune system strong and fight off the dreaded symptoms of cold and flu.

Herbal medicine

The immune-boosting benefits of Chinese herbal medicine are widely acknowledged, so much so that many Western practitioners are also advocating them to their patients too. Some of the top choices to stock up on as we head into winter are echinacea (antiviral and antibacterial herb), ginger (a powerful antihistamine and decongestant) and yin chiao (a nine-herb formula, which soothes the lungs and stomach and clears the nasal passages).


We all know that our bodies can have an adverse reaction to changes in the weather, but did you know that acupuncture can help? Among its many benefits, acupuncture can help your body find balance after experiencing changes in the environment, so with every changing of the seasons, it’s a good idea to book a session with a trusted acupuncturist.


A large part of the reason we fall ill in the first place is due to our body’s inability to fight off the germs and toxins we encounter in our external environment. Cupping therapy promotes healing and can help draw out toxins. In turn, this allows us to recover much faster and can dramatically shorten the length of time we spend feeling unwell.

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