3 ways Traditional Chinese Medicine can help you lose the winter weight

3 ways Traditional Chinese Medicine can help you lose the winter weight

As we head into the warmer months, many of us are feeling the effects of the extra calories we have consumed over winter. If you’re keen to shed a few kilos in time for summer, consider these 3 ways that Traditional Chinese Medicine can help you lose the winter weight.

Cleanse the body

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is associated with the liver, and just as we spring clean our homes, we also need to spring clean our body.

A simple diet of fresh fruit and vegetables is an excellent way to detoxify your digestive system and start you on your way to losing weight. Try to include vitamin rich greens like alfalfa, asparagus, broccoli, lettuces, celery, fennel, cucumber and collard and reduce your consumption of coffee, alcohol, starches and sugar.

Herbal medicine

Chinese herbal medicine can be incredibly helpful to aid in weight loss. Herbal medicines are tailored to your individual needs, and different combinations of herbs can influence different factors.

Herbal medicines are intended help promote balance and better health, however they may help to stabilise hunger, improve your energy, and enhance your immune system – all important to be mindful of when losing weight.


In conjunction with healthy diet and exercise, acupuncture can be a great addition to your weight loss plan.

For many people who experience difficulty losing weight, excessive hunger can be one of the biggest challenges. Acupuncture therapy can used to stimulate the hypothalamus, the part of the brain which regulates hormones and balances hunger levels.

Acupuncture has also been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, which can put an end to stress eating. Less stress can also work to control the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone which is responsible for stubborn fat deposits predominantly stored around the abdominal area.

For further guidance on how Traditional Chinese Medicine can assist you to lose weight, please contact us today.

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Chinese herbal medicines to combat hayfever this spring

Chinese herbal medicines to combat hayfever this spring

Each year as we head into spring, millions of Australians start to experience symptoms of seasonal hayfever. Clinically known as Allergic Rhinitis, hayfever is one of the most chronic respiratory conditions in the country.

While we all look forward to the weather getting warmer, hayfever can be incredibly unpleasant, and often sends suffers running for anti-histamine medication. However, there are a variety of natural options that can be extremely useful in providing relief from hayfever and alleviating the associated symptoms.

According to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, hayfever is the result of a weakened Wei Qi, or a weakened immune system, paired with the invasion of an external pathogen such as pollen. For this reason, Chinese herbal medicine seeks to provide relief from hayfever symptoms while simultaneously strengthening the immune system.

During consultation, your herbal medicine practitioner will consider each of your hayfever related symptoms as well as a variety of other lifestyle factors. Using this knowledge, they will then create an intricate herbal formula that is designed to alleviate your symptoms, balance your immune system and expel any harmful toxins.

Chinese herbal medicine maintains that each individual’s experience of seasonal hayfever is unique. Think of the last time you experienced hayfever. Did your partner or friend suffer identical symptoms? It’s unlikely – so why should your hayfever remedy be treated as such?

At Luciferous Traditional Chinese Medicine, we look at the underlying causes to examine what may be causing you to experience hayfever so that we can determine the best possible herbal medicine for you.

To book a consultation with one of our experienced practitioners, please contact us today.

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