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Acupuncture and labour

For many expectant mothers, the last few weeks of their pregnancy are often spent trying to induce labour. While there is an endless number of home remedies and urban legends about how to hurry the process along, acupuncture can offer a simple solution to help bring...

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Boost your immune system

With the colder weather well and truly here, now is an important time to take some extra measures to ensure you don’t fall ill throughout the winter. Follow these top Traditional Chinese Medicine tips to keep your immune system strong and fight off the dreaded...

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Compliment your yoga practice with acupuncture

Practicing yoga offers a vast number of benefits to the body and mind, but did you know that regular acupuncture treatments can actually compliment your yoga routine? Here’s how the two go hand in hand. Heal injuries quickly One of the most common reasons why we seek...

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Suffering from insomnia?

Do you often find yourself tossing and turning, and unable to sleep at night? Restless nights can leave us feeling drained and fatigued, and frequently feeling this way can have a harmful impact on our daily lives. However, Traditional Chinese Medicine practices can...

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How to look after your lungs this Autumn

Within the art of Chinese medicine, each weather season is believed to correspond with a particular organ system. The cooler autumn months correlate with our Ying Organs – our lungs, and it is believed that this is why there are so many colds and coughs present...

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How walking improves your health - Blog

How walking improves your health

For many people, exercise is something we simply don’t get enough of. With more and more people moving into office-based employment, our incidental exercise is on the decline and many of us are living increasingly sedentary lives. However, physical activity doesn’t...

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The many different benefits of drinking tea - Blog

The many different benefits of drinking tea

For thousands of years, drinking tea has been an important part of Chinese culture. While tea was often consumed during ceremonies or celebrations, the health benefits of drinking tea were also widely recognised and largely applauded. Today, the benefits of drinking...

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